TP-Fit is coming soon...

TP-Fit is a software package, based on Matlab®, to analyze downhole temperature measurements by extrapolation of transient data to undisturbed formation temperatures. TP-Fit was specifically designed to process the data of the APCT-3 tool (Heesemann et al., 2007). The software is, however,  also capable to process data measured using the DVTP or APCT, which were previously used during the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP).

Currently, a publication describing the "Estimation of undisturbed sediment temperatures from down-hole measurements" using TP-Fit is in preparation. Once the paper is accepted the first official release of TP-Fit will be posted for public download.

Please do not hesitate to contact the author (heesemaATuni-bremenDOTde) if you have any questions, want to test a pre-release, or want to collaborate.

Thanks for your interest in TP-Fit,

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